lake erie auto credit | commercial production

 Viral Marketing

Lake Erie Auto Credit reached out to us seeking to make a video that would get people talking about them. In the past they have recorded and posted their own videos to put online, but this time around they wanted to go bigger and have someone come in and craft a video for them that would get them noticed and would look professional.


Everyone’s Talking

Taking the ideas from LEAC into account we collaborated and shot the new commercial. From the first shout of “action!” to the final delivery of the commercial only 14 hours had passed. The commercial itself was incredibly successful, tracking over 30,000 views within the first two days it was on the web, and nearly 300,000 views total. LEAC was so thrilled with the results that they contracted us to produce 2 more commercials for web distribution. Those additional commercials gained LEAC over 350,000 more views from potential customers.