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we believe in partnering with people and organizations to tell compelling stories through creative media.

head|first studios is a small but creative outfit based in northeast Ohio and we would love to help you tell your story in creative ways. We are committed to creating quality media that informs, communicating your message in a way that sticks with people. Head First Studios will shoot, edit and produce videos of all kinds, as well as brand your business, event or organization, or help you advertise your project to the world. And if you need a website, we can do that too. Take a look around and see what we offer.


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share your story through creative graphics


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Agon Leadership
Zephyr Motorbike Company
Bethel Presbyterian Church
Trinity Church

who is behind head|first studios?

brett hetherington

brett hetherington

lead designer

kelly hetherington

kelly hetherington

administrative guru

Let Us Partner with You

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