katie & nick


Capture the events of this couple’s wedding day, including the ceremony and key moments at the reception.

the plan

We were contacted by the bride’s mother, seeking to have her daughter’s wedding documented. It wound up being a gift for her, and we actually did a lot to work with the bride’s mother to ensure that we could capture all of the important moments and stay under her budget.

We had several brief conversations with the bride’s mother prior to the wedding day, discussing what all was to be captured. It wound up being a very simple shoot, as I covered the ceremony and the reception only. In fact, I didn’t even meet katie and nick until the day of! But the ceremony was brief and sweet, and the reception was filled with a lot of love and cool little moments that I was thrilled to capture. Some of my favorites include the “make your own s’more” station, the maid of honor’s toast (rapping to Eminiem’s “The Real Slim Shady), and the first dance with Katie and her mother that morphed into a flashmob performance to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. For all of the shooting I utilized multiple cameras and independent audio capture to provide the highest-quality footage to work with.

the delivery

After collecting all of the footage for the wedding day we crafted a full-featured DVD that included the complete ceremony (divided by chapters), highlights from the reception (bridal party entrances, toasts, first dances, etc.), and a highlight film that captured the mood of the day. We also provided a shareable link to the highlight film for the family to enjoy and share.