jennifer & eli


Capture the events of this couple’s wedding day, from preparation through reception.

the plan

For Jennifer and Eli’s wedding I was actually contacted by the groom, looking to have their wedding day documented. The wedding was a fairly traditional Jewish ceremony, complete with a Ketubah ceremony prior to the marriage ceremony, and a lot of Hebrew throughout the ceremony. Can I just say how much I love experiencing Jewish customs and the Hebrew language?

I met with Jennifer and Eli in a small Starbucks prior to the wedding to go over what elements they wanted to include, as well as to be able to build a personal connection that allowed them to get to know me, as well as for me to get to know them. Of particular note was finding out that the couple has a three-legged dog they love and they are both huge board game fans – both details that became a part of the day and their wedding film. We went over the location, traditions to be aware of, and a few ideas they had for the day. On the day of the wedding I was present nearly the entire time, from bridal party preparations through the reception.

the delivery

After collecting all of the footage for the wedding day I crafted a full-featured DVD that included the complete ceremony (divided by chapters), highlights from the reception (bridal party entrances, speeches, first dances, etc.), footage from the pre- and post-ceremony photography sessions, the highlight film that captured the mood from preparation through the final moments of the day and a few special vignette films that captured some very special moments of the bride and groom. When it came time to send the DVD to Jennifer and Eli they requested the files on a flash drive as well, since right now they do not have a DVD player, and I was happy to oblige.


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