jackie & nate


Capture the events of this couple’s wedding day, from preparation through reception.

the plan

We were contacted by the bride, who wanted to have her big day documented. This wedding was to take place entirely outside on a very scenic golf course, providing some unique looks and challenges.

We spoke with the bride prior to the wedding to go over what elements she wanted to include, as well as to be able to build a personal connection that allowed the bride get to know us, and for us to get to know the bride. This discussion was very beneficial and allowed us to set up our plan to be present for the events of the day, from the bridal party getting ready for the ceremony, all the way through the last words shared by the newlywed couple at the reception. We utilized multiple cameras and independent audio capture to provide the highest-quality footage to work with.

the delivery

After collecting all of the footage for the wedding day we crafted a full-featured Blu Ray Disc that included the complete ceremony (divided by chapters), highlights from the reception (bridal party entrances, speeches, etc.), footage from the pre- and post-ceremony photography sessions and a highlight video that captured the mood from preparation through the final moments of the day. We also created digital copies of select videos that were made available to the family online.