cassie mcconville


Document the final Zumba class taught by an instructor who was leading her last class before leaving for an extended leave.

the plan

We were contacted by a member of the class that wanted a copy of the final class led by this instructor that class members could use to keep themselves in practice while the instructor’s leave is taking place. She arranged for us to be present in the final class and we were able to capture the entire session utilizing two cameras, one stationary and the second mobile.

the delivery

Once the class was completed we took one week to compile all of the captured footage as well as audio tracks of the songs that were utilized into our database. We created a master DVD (and copies for nearly everyone in the class) that is playable on any DVD player, giving each song its own chapter (allowing individuals to use songs in the order they desire). We also created YouTube-formatted videos of each song and provided them to the instructor to share with her class or upload to her own YouTube channel. The videos are hosted in the cloud and anyone with the download link can access them.

the product