It only seems fair that since we want to tell your stories that we share ours with you.

Head First Studios started as the dream of Brett Hetherington. Brett has always been an artist at heart for as long as he can remember, even creating books and writing scripts as a kid. As Brett entered into high school he found himself in the company of some great friends in his youth group who enjoyed creating video announcements. It was here that Brett really began to discover his passion for telling stories on film (yes, at this time video cameras still used videotapes).

As Brett went on to college (where he earned a BA in Student Ministries) he found himself working with churches who had stories to tell and needed help telling them. Though he didn’t have the funds to craft videos, he saw the need and committed to making telling stories through and with video a part of his career. After graduating Brett spent a decade working with churches where he was able to not only tell stories through film, but he was able to introduce creative storytelling to each church he found himself working with. In addition to video, he was able to help brand ministries and events, craft multiple logos, build several websites, establish thriving social media presences, capture the life of the church through photography and create countless graphic resources for these same churches. His talents and abilities enhanced each church he worked with and when he left vocational ministry Brett set out to build a business that is committed to telling stories in creative and engaging ways.

This is what head first studios is all about. The equipment has changed (seriously, the tools of choice early on were a VHS-C camera and Windows Movie Maker) and the experience has grown. Head First wants to find stories that need to be told. And we firmly believe that your story falls into that category.