books with purpose

by | Sep 13, 2017

Something you may or may not know about me is that my wife is a consultant for Usborne Books and More. Over the course of this summer she asked me to come up with some personal branding for her business that would communicate her love of and commitment to childhood literacy, and would allow her to stand out in a crowd. So I set to work, seeking out ideas and inspiration that would combine books, reading, and potentially an adult reading to or with a child.

Full Logo
Compressed Logo
Orange Logomark
Banner Logo
BWP Shark Week 1
BWP Shark Week 2

In crafting this brand identity, I needed to stick within the traditional Usborne color guidelines so that the business would stay tied into the parent company at a visual level. In the end I was able to successfully capture the main points that my wife wanted in her brand, and crafted a few varian versions for her to use. Some are simply changes in where the word mark is place in relation to the logo mark, while others are simply the word mark or the logo mark. I even drafted a couple for her to use just for Shark Week!

So which ones are your favorite?