alyssa & lawrence

by | Oct 11, 2017

The bride reached out to us to document her wedding day about a year in advance. She just so happens to be my wife’s cousin, and we were thrilled to be able to serve the family by providing a fantastic wedding experience.

Prior to the wedding Alyssa gave me an overview of elements she wanted captured and a few other wedding highlight films that she liked. As the day drew closer, we worked with Alyssa’s wedding planner to find out the moment by moment details so we could be prepared for everything that was to happen. This allowed us to set up our plan to be present for the events of the day, from the bridal party getting ready for the ceremony, all the way through the new couple’s exit after the reception was complete. We utilized multiple cameras and independent audio capture to provide the highest-quality footage to work with.

After collecting all of the footage for the wedding day we crafted a full-featured DVD Disc that included the complete ceremony (divided by chapters), highlights from the reception (bridal party entrances, toasts, special dances, etc.), footage from the post-ceremony photography sessions, footage of the bridesmaids getting prepared and a highlight film that captured the mood from preparation through the final moments of the day.


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